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Experience your holiday , happy occasions, or nostalgic places with PixMaker Value!

PixMaker Value allows you to stitch together multiple digital pictures into one 360?panoramic image or montage in seconds. Snap your pictures with any digital camera or web cam, and transform your holiday experience, happy occasions, or nostalgic places into permanent 360?panoramic memory! And if you share your panoramic pictures online, those who see it will be able to pan from side to side, zoom in for a bigger picture, or even tilt up or down to experience it?as if they were there themselves! With the PixMaker Value, you don't just capture pictures. You capture the experience!

There is NO RESTRICTION and ADDITIONAL COST, you can create as many PixAround Scenes, Web pages, Postcards and Screen saver as you wish. Expensive equipment such as fisheye lens, or additional browser plug-ins are not required.

Take your shots with ANY camera.
  • Input formats:
      ?nbsp;JPEG (.jpg)
      ?nbsp;Bitmap (.bmp)
  • Thumbnail preview and manipulation.
Wide stitching options (click to preview):
  • Automatic estimation of lens setting.
  • Fast, automatic stitching.  
  • Option for resizing of images, sharpness and montage overlap before stitching
  • Automatic estimation of Field of View(FOV) and color correction.  
  • Image resolution is limited only by hardware used.
  • Allows saving of stitch type and lens in project file(*.pim).   
Enhance your image with interactivity using PixAround Scenes, solutions and Web pages.
  • Low learning curve with our easy-to-use wizard like publishing.
  • Output formats:
      ?nbsp;Scene (.jpg)
      ?nbsp;Webpage (.asp)
      ?nbsp;Standard interactive Postcard (.exe)
      ?nbsp;360?Paranomas Screen Saver(.scr)
      ?nbsp;Print - on single or multiple pages
  • Quick steps to publish your PixAround Webpage, with Preview feature.
  • NO additional software or browser plug-ins are required for viewing the PixAround content .
  • Support for 2D and 3D viewing.
  • Easy customization of PixAround Webpage.
  • Built-in story panel for effective Scene description.
  • Easy-to-use navigation bar. 
*Not available in localized versions.