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How to use
Create 360° interactive PixAround content with PixMaker™ Pro in 3 simple steps - Snap, Stitch, Publish!™. Here's how:

Click the "Snap" button. Select the series of pictures that you would like to stitch from your computer.

Select the type of Stitch you want - Cylindrical, Flat, Object View, Tilt Angle, Montage and unchecked the ´360°´ checkbox if it is a partial view; next select the type of lens the images were taken with. If you´re not sure which, or the desired type of lens is not available, select the ´Auto´ option and PixMaker Pro will compute the type of lens used automatically. Click the "Stitch" button.

Finally, click the "Publish" button. You can choose one of the following publish options: Scene, Web page, Postcard, PDA, ActiveX or Print. For customized options, check the ´Use customized settings´ checkbox.

Adding Hotspots

You can also add Hotspots on your published PixAround Scene to link them to other PixAround Scenes, Web pages, 2D/3D audio, video, email or text labels.

To do this, click the Hotspot tab after creating your Scene. Select the appropriate Hotspot type and locate the source for the Hotspots.

Click OK, then drag and drop Hotspots to the desired position. To preview a PixAround Scene with Hotspots, click the "Preview" button. Then click the Hotspot icon in the Scene to see the transition.

Finally, click the "Publish" button to publish it as a Web page or Postcard.