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Deliver 360° interactive visual content on your Web site or handheld device!

In just 3 simple steps of Snap, Stitch, Publish!™, PixMaker 1.0 lets you create 360° interactive PixAround Webpages complete with Hotspots to other Scenes, Web pages or multimedia via a friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface. Now you can produce immersive virtual tours of real estate properties, tourist destinations, showrooms, shopping malls and more. Let your visitors experience 360° Object Views of your products, or see a video clip product demonstration!

PixAround Scenes can be published to the Web, or PDAs running on Palm OS® and Windows® CE. You can create as many PixAround Scenes, Web pages and Postcards as you wish at no additional cost. Expensive equipment such as fisheye lens, or additional browser plug-ins are not required.

  • Take your shots with ANY camera.
  • Input formats:
      • JPEG (.jpg)
      • Bitmap (.bmp)
      • Photo CD (.pcd)
  • Thumbnail preview and manipulation.
  • Wide stitching options:
      • Full or partial 360°
      • Flat
      • 360° Object View
  • Automatic estimation of lens setting.
  • Fast, automatic stitching.
  • Option for manual alignment.
  • Lens Distortion correction.
  • Dynamically de-ghosts, with enhanced auto color correction.
  • Automatic estimation of Field of View(FOV).
  • Image resolution is limited only by hardware used.
  • Allows saving of stitch type and lens in project file.
  • Enhance your image with interactivity using Hotspot links to PixAround Scenes, Web pages, audio or video files, email or label.
  • Output formats:
      • Scene (.jpg)
      • Webpage (.asp)
      • Postcard (.exe)
      • PDA - PalmOS (.pdb), Windows CE (.jpg)
      • Print - on single or multiple pages
  • Selection of templates to publish your PixAround Webpage, with Preview feature.
  • NO additional browser plug-ins required to view a PixAround Webpage.
  • Support for 2D and 3D viewing.
  • Easy customization of PixAround Webpage.
  • Built-in story panel for effective Scene description.
  • Easy-to-use navigation bar.
  • Allows saving of Hotspot settings in project file (.piw).
*Not available in localized versions.